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LifeDrip™ Explained

Fully Automated Social Media Marketing and Monthly Email Newsletter!

LifeDrip™ does it all for you! Content specific to what you sell is sourced and created for you and automatically posted to all your social media, including Facebook®, Twitter®, Google+® and LinkedIn®!
Our rich and attractive content creates a “Call to Action” rather than ineffective solicitations. LifeDrip™ even creates and sends out your monthly email newsletter automatically, which creates more lead opportunities, better client retention, referrals and second-sales opportunities!


See the real results of your automated mobile and social media marketing in real time! Track your profile views, Social Media click-throughs, number of client recommendations, how many people opened your email newsletter, what devices were used to view your information and much more!


Agent Profile Page

To succeed in mobile and social media marketing, you must first have a legitimate online presence. All LifeDrip™ Agent Profile Pages are Search Engine Optimized (SEO), built with responsive code so they are viewable across all mobile platforms, registered with Google® for maximum exposure and they include the exclusive Recommendation Engine and Agent Blog!


NewsLogic™ & SplashTriggers™

Only LifeDrip™ has the exclusive NewsLogic™ engine. NewsLogic™ allows you to tell LifeDrip™ which specialties you sell and which ones you don’t. Choose any combination Life, Annuity, IUL, Medsup, LTC, Health and LifeDrip™ automatically ensures that all content posted to your Social Media and monthly email newsletter will reflect those specialties with rich, sourced “call to action” content! Patent-pending SplashTriggers™ constantly monitor consumer viewing habits across all mobile platforms and inform you immediately when a consumer is ready to be engaged and what to sell them! SplashTriggers™ are generated automatically and alerts are sent immediately to an agent via email or mobile device.


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What would you pay for a customized, responsive website? What would you pay for an engine that generated Recommendations from your clients and contacts to help you sell? What would you pay for someone to create custom email newsletters for you and track results? What would you pay to have someone continuously create exclusive and impactful content and update your Social Media profiles?

What would you pay to have warm, fresh, exclusive leads served up to you on a continuing and regular basis?

With LifeDrip™ the price is ridiculous. Any of the above services could justify $100 a month or more, but with LifeDrip™ you only pay $75 a month for everything! Want to save more? Pay for an annual subscription and you’ll save an additional 11% ($105).

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LifeDrip™ has immediately allowed me to communicate with my warm market and identify those who are interested in doing business with me.

Brig G.
Portland, OR

I closed a $2000 sale my first week with LifeDrip™ through the automated Social Media marketing. It's amazing how much business is out there in your warm market if you approach it the right way and through the channels that people are looking!

John G.
Seattle, WA

LifeDrip™ gave me an agent website that looks great on every device and separates me from the competition. I love the recommendation engine! I have used it to gain client confidence and close sales!

Aaron C.
Vancouver, WA

I wanted to share an experience I just had regarding LifeDrip. A friend of mine from high school that I have spoken to maybe twice in the last twenty years sent me the attached Facebook in box message. I contacted him and he said that he had been noticing my feeds on Facebook lately and that he just upgraded his coverage through his work to 500k but has realized that he needs more coverage and private coverage after reading one of the articles I shared. I booked an appointment with him and his wife for this week and he also shared with me that he has a few friends that are also looking for coverage and would like to schedule a time that they can come over to meet with me as well to get coverage.

LifeDrip is the real deal. Letting people I do not regularly speak with know what I do and getting them thinking about how to best protect their families. Awesome!!!

Tiffany G.
Battle Ground, WA

During my first month of being a LifeDrip Associate, I received my first lead from the monthly newsletter that went out. It was from a friend of my sister who is also a friend of the family. She called after receiving the newsletter...This btw was January's Newsletter.

I was able to write a life insurance policy for her and also uncovered approximately 200k in Annuity which belongs to her parents

Mark L.
Odenton, MD

I had a client I helped 4 years ago respond to a monthly newsletter to get a quote for additional insurance. Sadly I did not remember this client, and would have never gotten that repeat business. She wanted a policy for $250.00 a month and I emailed her the application, she sent it back that same day. I am very satisfied with the credibility, and the trust LifeDrip has enabled me to gain with past and current clients.

Andrew T.
Hesperia, CA

Thank you both for your patience. William (VP, Support at LifeDrip) was fantastic indeed. He was very easy to talk to and was very helpful. I am excited to be working with such great people!

Elayne S.
Pearland, TX

Looking forward to great things happening in my career this year and LifeDrip is one of the vehicles that I am gonna be using to make it happen, YEAH!

Pauline R.
Lugoff, SC

Within my first email newsletter I had three clients that I had lost touch with that I was able to meet and help for a total of 4 policies for $9,500 AP. I'm looking forward to utilizing LifeDrip to its full potential to increase my brand, marketing, and sales.

Matt S.
Portland, OR

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With LifeDrip™ you will get all these automated services for one low price.

Your own Search Engine Optimized Agent Website with responsive code
Exclusive Recommendation Engine
Exclusive NewsLogic® monthly email newsletter
Exclusive NewsLogic® automated Social Media Marketing
Real-time DripReports™ that monitor the results of your marketing campaign!
Patent-pending SplashTrigger® leads